Athlete's diary #17 how To make a figure in the gym

Athlete's diary #17 how To make a figure in the gym Good day dear friends. The gym is where you train, works out, lives, has fun, gets high, gets a result, but most importantly where you make yourself. I'm going to tell you a couple of tips that I realized after hard work and studying. Good afternoon dear friends! Today we will talk about how to make yourself a sexy body. Whether you want to build up your legs, work out your back, or just go to the gym, here are a couple of tips that I used myself to get my body in shape. Make it a habit to study your figure out and on the first days you will be pleasantly surprised by your appearance. Let's start with the training itself. One of the sports that I used to be very active in was weight lifting. At first it was hard, but after a while I got used to it, and even more so I started to lose weight(because I stopped getting injured). At first it was difficult to keep yourself in shape if you came into the gym late in the evening or early in the morning, but as I've noticed it's not really important what time of day you come to the gym. It's more important to start training at home, then later you will have to wait in line for the simulator. Because sports are a great way to spend a Saturday, Sunday or even a holiday. All because you can always choose a gym to work out at home instead of going to work out in the gym. All you have to do is choose the maximum number of workouts for yourself, divide them into different types of training and stick to a certain system for exercises, for example, I do exercises of the legs, upper body, lower body. Each workout I make a point to do a muscle group in the workout, for example, to work out the pectoral muscles or even all muscles of the body. You can also do classic body lifts, classic twists, classic deadlifts, classic bar curls and so on. When I want to get a certain body part in particular, I simply alternate muscle groups during the workout, and after completing the exercise, I return to the starting point and repeat this process all over again until I get the desired result. For a long time, I was satisfied with my results, so I decided to change the format of my training and upload my data to the simulator. I now have three training options: Standard deviation type of workout (if there is no deviation from the prescribed formula, then the training is standard) 1. Abs training 2. Chest training 3. Lower body training I record the results of my exercises (if the exercises are not standard, there is no point in doing them) I work out at home 4. Rest between sets and repetitions I do from 20-30 minutes. I try to have time to recover